Packed Gallery at Tiered Painting Premier on December 5, 2015

December 5, 2015, marked the first time I have ever showed my tiered paintings to the public. I received several comments on how the new method was "genius," which made my night. One woman even told me that she chose not to go to a show at the Lincoln Center with her husband, and that the work made her know undecidedly that she made the right decision. The highlight of the night, and possibly my career, however, came when I went to video the packed gallery to document and thanks those who attended, and instead they all clapped and applauded me. It was extremely meaningful and unexpected. It is now time to start promoting the work outside of my studio and Fort Collins.

Spring Exhibition Titled "Vertical" Held April 1-5, 2015

Despite having large art events around town at the same time of the reception, three groups of artists, me being one of them, had 270 people attended our First Friday show. I sold several originals, giclees and watercolor prints. I can't thank those who attended enough. You all made it a high energy, memorable night. Thank you, thank you, thank you. At the same time the show was going on, I also sold an original bicycle print at Old Town Art & Framery, which made it an even better night.

Fire Sale Show at Whole Foods October 10, 2014

My annual Whole Foods Show on October 10, 2014, a big success. Because it was a rare show where I was showing pieces I've already show at lower prices, the turnout number was lower, but nearly everyone who came purchased at least one piece. I can't thank everyone for all the patronage.

Museum and Gallery Exhibitions August 1, 2014

I had two exhibitions, within two blocks of each other, during August and September:

Fort Collins Museum of Art's "Artistic Eye on History: Fort Collins 150"
I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of 15 local artists to have pieces included in the show. Six of the 22 pieces in the show, which was held from July 25 to September 28, were historical photos of Fort Collins I painted of the Old Town area. I ended up selling two pieces, which I was very grateful for.

Old Town Art and Framery Exhibition
I showed more than 10 original paintings at the Friday, August 1, 2014, reception. During the reception, I gave away three prints.

150 People Attend "Fields, Flows, and Jumps" Show

Following are a few notes about the show:
  • Free paintings were given away at reception
  • The show included 25 pieces, which comprise more than 75 paintings
  • Work included a series of flower fields; abstracts; and historic ski-jumping and downtown Denver scenes
  • Two pieces included 19 paintings created by preschoolers from Laura's Learn N Play, whom Clint teaches art to
  • Reproductions of paintings, including flower fields, bicycles and Old Town scenes, from February show were for sale
  • Food and drink was catered by Malini Bartels, a caterer/cooking instructor in Fort Collins with 11 years experience teaching a variety of cuisines at The Cupboard and Whole Foods Market
February 3-9 show a huge success

My February show at the Community Creative Center from February 3-9 was a great success. The show featured more than 30 original pieces. One of the highlights of my night was local gallery manager telling me it was the "most prolific and impressive one-man show" he had ever seen in Fort Collins. I am so grateful for everyone who made the show possible. Following is a video of the show. Clearly it was a community camera, and some people should not be allowed access to it. ;-)

Latest News
Clint Eccher Selected to judge Artists Association of Northern Colorado's November abstract show.
Four bicycle reproductions sold to Boulder Community Foothills Hospital

In the Media

Galleries and Stores
I currently have pieces at:
  • Old Town Art and Framery
  • Art Source International
  • Alpine Arts
  • Museum of Discovery
  • Chimney Park Bistro
  • Hearth
Middle-of-Winter Thank You!
I would like to thank everyone who attended my February show. I am so grateful. I will take 150 friends, family, and new faces on a cold February night any day of the year.

Honorable Mention at "No Place Like Home" Show
I was extremely grateful that "6,000 Sunflowers" received honorable mention at The Lincoln Center's juried "No Place Like Home" show, which included pieces from artists throughout Colorado. Only 1/5th of the submitted paintings were selected. My other piece, "New Pioneers," was the first to sell, going for $1,800.